Preveco AED

Preveco AED

Studio Somma made a photo series for the website of Preveco, a company that sells AED defibrillators.

Click on the photos below for a full sized view or a slideshow.

AED kast binnen 4 open

Below you find a selection of the product photos.

To view the complete series, of for more information or questions, please contact us.


AED kast binnen 3 voor- en zijaanzicht

Cabinet to store and connect the AED to the wall.

AED kast binnen 5 sleutel

Use of the cabinet.

AED tas 7 onderdelen aangesloten

AED with gadgets.

Rescue kit 3 open met onderdelen

The rescue kit.

Wandsignalering driehoek 2 vooraanzicht

Wall sign to show the location of the AED defibrillator.