Renovation 50’s house

Renovation 50’s house

Renovation of a house that was originally built in the 50’s.

This project started with improving the quality of the house. This means isolation of all the walls and the
ground floor and replacement of all the electrical, gas, water, and heating pipings. Also adding floor
heating to the ground floor, the replacement of the inside of the chimney and covering all the rooms with
a nice layer of plaster.

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After that we paid attention to the characteristic elements of this house. All the original doors have been
reused, we exposed parts of the wooden construction of the roof, the original stairs were cleaned, the
original built-in closets were renovated and the floor on the first floor was brought back to its original

studio somma

For the finishing touch we used natural colors and materials. All the walls, ceilings and doors were
painted white and the window- and door frames were painted with a light grey color. The color accent
is clearly in the floors. On the first floor we chose to use a deep red color that gives the spaces a warm
and balanced appearance. On the ground floor we used a fresh blue color, that gives the living room
and kitchen an energetic character.

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The windowsills and window dormers were covered with light pinewood. This gives a natural touch to
the various rooms. The construction of the roof and stairs have only been painted with a transparent
paint to retain their wooden appearance. These details brings the old and the new wooden elements
of this home together.

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As a final detail, the floors of the hall and scullery consist of a tilefloor made from small grey outdoor
tiles, painted with a transparant paint. This creates an interesting contrast between the texture and
natural colors of the tiles and the modern and light surface of the plaster walls.

Because the same tiles are used in the front- and backyard, this connects the interior with the gardens.

studio somma

For the decoration and styling of this house, we chose a balance between a modern appearance with
retro details. This created an interesting, natural, balanced and modern design with respect and attention
for the character and original elements of this house.

On the photos below you can see the project in the finished state. If you would like to receive more photos
or information, please contact us.

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Stairs and hall.




Living room, original closet.


Living room.


Kitchen and scullery floors.