Interactive desk

Interactive desk

This desk is a reaction on today’s society, where there is less and less of an emotional connection with
products or furniture. Repair costs are often higher than buying a new product, and before you know it
there is a newer, faster and better version of your product on the market. An extrapolation is that
nowadays in the average office people are using the so called hot desks.

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bureau 2

This desk is made out of a worktop and four cabinet parts which can be placed in the users’ preferred
composition. You can adjust the desk to the space it is placed in and the taste of the person who is going
to work on it. Because the user needs to adjust the furniture himself, he regains an emotional connection
with the product. If nevertheless the user gets tired of the composition, he can easily alter the design by
organizing the parts in a different composition.


The desk is made from poplar wood, which makes the parts light and easy to use. The surface of the
worktop and the cabinet parts have a system of holes which can be connected with a special bolt and nut.
The nut is 2cm long, which creates a layer of air between the different parts, giving the design an open
and spacial appearance.

details bureau

The minimal composition consists of one worktop and four cabinets, but you can extend the design
with multiple worktops and cabinets to create an office landscape and working spaces for more people
working together. It is also possible to extend the desk with additional cabinet parts, which creates a
bigger storage object that fits perfectly with the rest of the desks.