Interactive table

Interactive table

This table is designed to cause an interaction between the elderly and children. Because a lot of elderly
people feel lonely, the combination of activities for elderly and children is used in retirement homes.
For example, some day care centers visit the local retirement or nursing homes on a specific time of the
week. This leads to joy and attention for a lot of elderly by watching the kids play, and gives them the
possibility to interact with the kids.

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The table is made out of three layers, to create a bridge between the play level of the kids (the floor) and
the level of the table the elderly and adults use to drink a cup of coffee.

The appearance of the table is also adjusted to both users. The color and games will attract children and
the design of the table is made out of shapes that can be easily recognized by the elderly.

The highest table has building blocks on it, the middle one includes puzzles and the lowest table has a
train track on it.

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